Reaching All Readers

Transforming children’s lives through thoughtful reading instruction.

Educators deserve the tools to teach reading instruction that is effective and backed by science.
Effective and intentional reading instruction helps all students, not just those who struggle.

Content That is Classroom Ready!

Learn techniques you can immediately use with your students.

What They Don’t Teach You in College

These are easy-to-execute steps and approaches most colleges don’t teach.

Best in Class Practices That Work

Real classroom reading teachers provide the how’s and why’s behind what has made their phonics and reading comprehension instruction so successful.

Transform Reading Outcomes in Your Classroom

Building on what science has taught us about the reading brain and decades of classroom experience, teachers walk you through how an explicit, structured and multi-sensory approach to reading instruction can transform even your most reluctant readers.

Designed to Support Teachers at all Levels

From those new to the classroom to veterans looking to sharpen their skills, expert teachers provide an overview of the five areas of reading, plus written expression, covering topics such as phonemic awareness, handwriting, vocabulary, the structure of the English language and more.

Go at Your Own Pace

Users can take the modules in the order recommended or immediately jump to the topic that will help you most in the classroom. 

This is Not A Curriculum

Real classroom reading teachers provide the how’s and why’s behind what has made their phonics and reading comprehension instruction so successful. 

This course complements all curriculums by digging into the implementation. 

What Educators Have to Say

“I thought a little bit of phonics a day was enough but that wasn’t fair to my students. What I learned from the course is that research shows that explicit, systematic, multisensory phonics really works and it’s helpful and it just doesn’t impact reading! It impacts writing. It impacts spelling. It impacts reading comprehension.”


Elementary School Teacher

“I’ve been through trainings where you go through three or four days of training before you actually did anything to apply it, but the lessons show us a rule, show the way to execute the rule or routine and then it can be immediately applied.”


Literacy Coach

“My biggest takeaway was that I was all over the place when teaching my first grade students how to read. I learned I was not able to support my students in the best way because of it. Because of the training, I learned how there is a sequence to how to teach the english language, and I learned that the english language does make sense.”


Elementary School Teacher

I loved learning from other teachers and to learn I’m not alone in having certain struggles with teaching reading or reaching my struggling readers. I can’t imagine my teaching instruction without having had this training!


Elementary School Teacher