Reaching ALL Readers: Practical Approaches and Tools for Reading Instruction

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Thank you for choosing to unlock the power of literacy for all readers.

This self-guided course is designed for educators, by educators. Reaching All Readers is a culmination of over 60 years of classroom experiences successfully teaching struggling readers how to read.

In this course, we will guide you through simple, methodical, and thoughtful tools and techniques that any teacher can use with any curriculum. These intentional reading instructions are based on the Science of Reading and Schenck School Reading Model. Upon completion, you will learn teaching methodologies and techniques for using an explicit, structured, and multi-sensory approach to reading instruction that can improve reading for every child in the classroom.

This course contains six modules, each designed to focus on a particular aspect of reading instruction. Within every module are a series of lessons that build on each other and activities that reinforce learning.

Time Needed


Estimated 10 hours to complete this course.


You have unlimited access to the course.

How It Works

step 1

Start at the top
Chart your learning path through the course beginning with Module 1 and work down the list in order.

step 2

Dive into its lessons and activities
Be sure to complete the lessons in order to gain the most benefit from the structure.

step 3

Keep working through the course
Move at your own pace through all the modules. Follow your progress using the status bar at the top of every page.

step 4

Finish with the course reflection
You’ll wrap up the course by completing an activity.

step 5

Share your feedback 
Before you close out the course, provide us your feedback from the Course Overview page.

step 6

Grab your certificate
Congratulations! Once all modules are completed, you can download your certificate from the Course Overview page.

Course Content

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Ratings and Reviews

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50 Ratings
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Janet Street
Posted 9 months ago
Loved it!!

It was all really good!

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Lisa Vaughn
Posted 1 year ago
That the English language continues to manifest

The course was informative and quite long but very helpful

Preview Image
LaKesha Simmons-Bradshaw
Posted 1 year ago

These modules are informative and useful. They have motivated me to keep learning more about the science of reading.

Preview Image
Rhonda Ferguson
Posted 1 year ago
Very Necessary and Informative

This information is necessary. This course will help support the gaps seen in classrooms and reinforce the importance of many components often overlooked. Students will increase their reading skills with an educator having this information and using it!

Preview Image
Alain Poiraud
Posted 2 years ago
Language is used all day long: tap in those opportunities all the times (2nd language teacher)

Well structured and scaffolded. Informative and nice progression.

Preview Image
Rocio Fabbrini
Posted 2 years ago
Meaningful information

I like all the different activities to reinforce learning.

Preview Image
Anna Bartlett
Posted 2 years ago
It's about the Science of Reading

It reinforced the importance of explicit teaching for reading success.

Preview Image
Linda Doulkhani
Posted 2 years ago
Great video lessons

The videos were very helpful and the activities were well thought out.

Preview Image
Ellen Moharsky-D'Angelo
Posted 2 years ago
Great Reading Course

I learned a great deal about teaching reading to all students especially those with learning disabilities.

Preview Image
Allison Mitchell
Posted 2 years ago
Well organized and informative course

I really enjoyed this course and the way it was organized. I felt like everything built together and was easy to understand. The videos and activities were engaging and well put together.

Preview Image
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What's your experience? We'd love to know!