About Us

Our Story

For over 60 years, we have focused solely on teaching struggling readers how to read. Recognizing the need and demand to help as many children as we can, we developed this teacher training program to share the tools and methods that are clinically proven to teach all children how to read, not just those who struggle to read. 

Who We Are

We are teachers. We are dedicated to empowering fellow educators to help all children learn to read. We are passionate about sharing with you the easy-to-use tools, techniques and methods that work for us when trying to teach all students, even those that struggle with reading. By incorporating these teaching methods in your classroom, you’ll transform the way you teach reading and ultimately, transform the lives of your students.

What We Offer

Asynchronous Courses

Designed for teachers who want to learn on their own schedule, the Reaching All Readers course is a self-paced and virtual training opportunity for educators who want an overview of an explicit, structured, and multisensory approach to reading.

Synchronous Courses

Ideal for educators prioritizing Orton-Gillingham Academy certification, our synchronous Orton-Gillingham training courses are led by teaching experts who prioritize helpful resources and activities that translate easily to the classroom.